FAQ – all you need to know (mobile)

What are 360º virtual tour images?

Virtual tour images give viewers the power to step inside the picture, looking up, down, & all around from floor to ceiling, earth to sky, in any direction. Viewers can completely immerse themselves in the particular environment. 360° images are created by capturing multiple photos, with a fisheye lens. 360° images can then be linked together to create the “virtual tour

How long does it take to process a tour?

Most virtual tours can be captured & processed within 24hrs.”

How does the virtual tour image process work?

We would attend your property and capture the source photography. We then process the information at our studio. When a virtual tour is completed we post the images online, accessible from our secure client area. Once proofed by the client, we make any required edits/amendments. Finally we deliver the virtual tour images to yourselves or directly to your webmaster

Will the web page slow down?

No, a virtual Tour can be saved to accommodate any use

ipadHow do I view a virtual tour?

Virtual tour images can be viewed using a broad array of image viewers, we can supply images in HTML5, Flash, Quicktime, IPIX, Java, Shockwave, X3D and VRML format”

How are they displayed on a Website?

Virtual tour images can be incorporated into the overall design of your page or you can link the tour into an existing page my using a small window (just like an image)

How do I navigate a virtual tour?

Virtual tour images can be navigated using the keyboard or mouse. With the keyboard you can use the arrow keys to move around. Using the mouse press the left mouse button and move the mouse around within the virtual tour to look around. Pressing the right mouse button and moving the mouse up or down within the virtual tour image will allow you to zoom in and out of the virtual tour. We can also implement the function of your virtual tour being navigated using the tilt function on your mobile device

Why use 360º virtual tours for estate agents?

360º virtual tours for estate agents have a proven track record as invaluable tools for increasing exposure and sales. Using virtual tour immersive imaging, you can quickly and easily advertise your client’s property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our 360º-by-360º images give viewers comprehensive tours of entire properties without the time-consuming logistics of establishing meeting times and making travel arrangements. Prospective buyers can see from floor to ceiling and all around, transporting themselves from room to room and to the exterior with ease.

Why use virtual tours for education and training?

Prospective students can tour multiple colleges and universities online with 360º virtual tours, while the universities themselves, as well as the military and other businesses, can deploy 360º virtual tour technology to disseminate information to their students and employees in efficient, productive, and interesting ways. One 360º virtual tour image enhanced with popup text, links, and audio can deliver as much information as an entire printed pamphlet.

What are the Benefits of interactive images and virtual tours

Virtual tours are a relatively new marketing tool, with the main application being website enhancement. Now that websites are commonplace, people have come to EXPECT businesses to have an informative website which they can visit at their leisure, in the comfort of their own home. In turn, businesses are continually looking for ways to improve their websites and provide something unique. They want something that will attract their website visitors’ attention and keep their interest, ultimately resulting in a booking or personal contact. Based on our market research, virtual tours have been shown to do just that.

How are the virtual tour images hosted?

kiss photography offer a hosting service to host your virtual tours if required. We can take all the work out of getting your virtual tour online by creating the pages and adding them to your website, or simply giving you a link to add to your website page that will load the virtual tour.

How can a virtual tour benefit my business?

A 360° virtual tour allows you to give your prospective clients a complete picture of your business/property showing them the quality and investment that you have made whilst giving them a real feeling of actually being there. A 360° virtual tour allows anyone with internet access to look around a room or view from anywhere in the world at any time of day. They can look up, down, left and right and even zoom in and out, just like they were standing within the image ! It’s the next best thing to actually being there & its available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year. By using virtual tour technology you can effectively communicate to your potential clients the layout, surroundings and high quality of your business in a relaxed no-pressure environment.

Why use 360º virtual tour Digital photography over similar technologies?

Through full 360º immersive digital photography, prospective guests, conference organisers, and wedding planners will be able to fully appreciate the amenities, facilities and ambiance of your hotel, resort or conference centre. You can include such locations as your reception, guest suites, pool, exercise room, conference rooms, ballroom, public areas and more, to give a fully interactive virtual tour and boost your web visitor retention and online booking ratio.